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The days are getting shorter, and the weather is starting to cool down, paving the way for the fall of 2023. While fall brings in beautiful scenery outdoors, it comes with humidity, drier air, and cooler weather. When you combine all of this with dry air from the heater, it is a recipe for disaster. Different skin issues like eczema, flaky skin, and more will start appearing. The transition of your skin for fall requires a new skincare regime.

You need to ensure that you take the necessary steps to protect your skin, and if you are confused about how to do that, then this article is for you.

Why Is It Important to Get Skin Ready for Fall Season?

Change of season can impact your skin in more ways than you can imagine. If you don’t prepare your skin for fall, you might face issues. So, it is important to change the ingredients and products and understand what you need to protect your skin in the dry weather.

Tips for Getting Skin Ready for Fall

Here are some of the tips that dermatologists and aestheticians ask you to follow. Make sure to go through them all and incorporate this skin routine for the end of summer to get your skin ready for fall.

Conduct Skin Assessment

Before you start investing in skincare products, it is important for you to assess your skin. Summers can be harsh on your skin, and if you miss the SPF at any point, you might notice some new age spots, wrinkles, or even skin sagging.

So, first, understand how your skin is doing; if there are any newly developed spots on your skin, try to address them.

Thicker Moisturizer to the Win

In summer, most of us opt for a lightweight moisturizer that won’t leave our skin greasy. However, that is not the case in fall. This is that time of the year when you need to protect your skin from dryness, and opting for a thicker moisturizer is non-negotiable. Heavy creams with ceramides are a great option during winter. Ceramides act like barriers on the skin, protecting it from dryness and itchiness, so ensure to incorporate a ceramide-based moisturizer in your skin routine for the end of summer.

Use Hyaluronic Acid

No matter which season you are in, skipping active ingredients is never a good idea. However, in the fall season, Hyaluronic acid is a great and must-have ingredient in your skincare routine. It is one such active which is known for its hydration properties. This particular active adds an extra layer of hydration to your skin, along with a moisturizer. There are several Hyaluronic acid serums in the market that you can try.

Eliminate Dead Skin Cells

The dead skin cells can make your skin look even more flaky, so it is time to get rid of them before fall hits. However, do not opt for any DIY exfoliation. Get Hydrafacial done, which exfoliates your skin and also hydrates it with some of the best ingredients. Hydrafacial creates vortex effects, which will help in removing impurities in the skin, giving it a flawless finish.

Hydrating Sunscreen Is Mandatory

Summer may be over, but sun damage exists throughout the year. You cannot step out on any day of the year without sunscreen. It is mandatory to wear it every day and reapply it every 3 to 4 hours. You must be already familiar with the three-finger technique to apply sunscreen. During fall, it is always a better idea to include hydrating sunscreen in your skincare routine.

Include Antioxidants

Antioxidants are another important ingredient that you need to add to your skincare. Some of the most popular antioxidants are Vitamin C and Niacinamide. Both these ingredients are good at hydrating and protecting your skin from environmental damage. They also remove any radicals present in your skin, making it flawless. Apart from including them in your skincare, consume foods that have antioxidants. This would make a huge difference, internally and externally.

Increase Collagen Production

Collagen helps your skin maintain its structure. As you age, the production of collagen present in your skin declines, leading to losing the elasticity of your skin. Spending outdoors in summer worsens the situation. This is the reason why you need to increase collagen production. You can take supplements as per your doctor’s advice or, even better, opt for a treatment like Morpheus8 Microneedling from esteemed skincare clinics like Forever30 to boost collagen production.

Morpheus8 Microneedling is a process of creating micro-injuries in the skin, which will stimulate collagen production and renew the appearance of your skin.

Repair and Nourish

Treat your skin to repair and nourishing treatments to address any sun damage and rejuvenate your complexion. Consider incorporating serums or treatments containing antioxidants, such as vitamin C or niacinamide, to combat free radicals and brighten the skin. Using a hydrating face mask once or twice a week can provide an extra boost of nourishment.

You can also use sheet masks twice a week for extra hydration.

Exfoliate with Mild Ingredients

Exfoliating before the fall hits is a great way to remove any kind of damage from the summer. You need to use mild exfoliators and remember to stay away from physical scrubs. Opt for chemical exfoliation done with the help of AHAs and BHAs.

Stay Hydrated and Eat Healthy

While all the above tips are important for protecting your skin, you cannot forget to stay hydrated in fall. The cold air in fall dries out your skin and you need to drink ample amounts of water. Ideally, drinking two to three liters of water is non-negotiable, so ensure that you stick to it. Drinking loads of water will surely keep your skin hydrated from within.


Preparing your skin for fall is important. And these are the most important tips that you need to follow to protect the skin from weather changes and ensure that it doesn’t get damaged due to humidity. If you want to get treatments like Hydrafacial or Morpheus8 Micro needling done to get flawless skin in fall, then Forever30 can be your partner.

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two pictures compare effect Before and After treatment. skin with problems of freckles , pore , dull skin and wrinkles before and after treatment to solve skin problem for better skin result