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Morpheus8 is fast becoming one of the most popular and highly sought-after cosmetic treatments in the industry. At Forever 30 MedSpa, we view patient education as a vital step in the skincare treatment process. Proper education helps patients approach our state-of-the-art skin treatments with confidence. To aid in this process, here are the most frequently asked questions about Morpheus8.

What Makes Morpheus8 Different from Other Microneedling Treatments?
Instead of just using miniature sterilized needles to stimulate the healing process like other microneedling options, Morpheus8 also uses radiofrequency energy. As a result, benefits are greatly improved. More collagen is produced, making the skin even tighter, and results can also last longer.
How Many Sessions Are Needed?
The number of Morpheus8 sessions required for each patient differ from case to case. Most patients will notice the difference after only one treatment session, with the degree of improvement varying for each patient. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of this treatment option, a minimum of three sessions is typically recommended.
Do Morpheus8 Treatments Hurt?
While there is some mild discomfort involved with Morpheus8 treatments, it is significantly reduced with the application of numbing cream on the target areas. This results in nothing more than pinching sensations, which do not last past the session. Once the treatment is done, patients may experience some increased skin sensitivity, but this should also go away in a few hours.
Do Morpheus8’s Adjustable Treatment Depths Really Make a Difference?
The skin-tissue layers that are targeted by this treatment play a major role in determining the results for each patient. Through its adjustable depth penetration, Morpheus8 can specifically target each patient’s particular concerns. These can range from tightening loose skin to reducing the size of oversized pores. Jowls, crow’s feet, and undereye bags can also be addressed using this feature of the treatment. This makes the cosmetic solution both a general and a specialized tool.
How Long Do Results Last?
The staying power of Morpheus8’s results can be influenced by a number of factors. These can range from the patient’s genetics to their cosmetic rituals at home, where skincare products may affect the results. However, patients can generally expect to enjoy up to three months of enhanced beauty, with the option for more sessions to extend the period.
How Much Do Morpheus8 Treatments Cost?
Many factors can impact the overall cost of Morpheus8 RF microneedling skin treatment. The severity of the cosmetic problems being addressed can play a role in determining the price of this treatment. Additionally, the number of sessions needed can affect the overall cost of Morpheus8. Price can be discussed during your personalized consultation at Forever 30 MedSpa.
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For more information regarding Morpheus8 in Prosper, patients can reach out to Forever 30 MedSpa and schedule a consultation. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you achieve the rejuvenated skin you’ve been dreaming of.

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Check out the gallery of before and after results from treatments performed by the Forever 30 MedSpa team in Prosper, Texas.

two pictures compare effect Before and After treatment. skin with problems of freckles , pore , dull skin and wrinkles before and after treatment to solve skin problem for better skin result
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two pictures compare effect Before and After treatment. skin with problems of freckles , pore , dull skin and wrinkles before and after treatment to solve skin problem for better skin result