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Morpheus8 treatments are all about making skin look healthy, young, and vibrant. This fantastic cosmetic solution is the go-to option for clients who want to see visible and natural-looking results. For more details about Morpheus8 in Prosper, clients can reach out to Forever 30 MedSpa today.

What Is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is a skin-rejuvenation treatment that involves pricking the skin using tiny microneedles while also creating tiny microinjuries with radiofrequency energy. The idea is to jumpstart the skin’s natural healing response in a controlled way while maximizing the effect through deeper penetration.

By combining the effects of microneedling and radiofrequency stimulation, more collagen is produced and the treatment can reach deeper layers of the skin. This not only results in younger, fairer skin but also keeps it that way for much longer than similar treatments.

Morpheus8 is ideal for treatment of fine age lines, lax skin, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, oversized pores, acne, small amounts of excess fat, and acne scars. Some of the most common areas that can be treated include the lower face, the neck, and areas of the body like the abdomen.

Good Candidates for Morpheus8

Clients who want a skincare treatment that produces fast, visible, and long-lasting results that make them look younger are good candidates for Morpheus8. If clients have certain kinds of pre-existing health conditions or have recently sustained an injury, it will be necessary to bring this up during their consultation.

Your Consultation

Clients will answer various questions about their medical history during the Morpheus8 consultation. The areas of concern will also be examined to determine how best to give clients the results that they desire.

The finer details about the treatment will be provided so that clients will know what to expect. Clients can ask questions about the steps involved and bring up anything that might be causing concern.

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Your Session

The Morpheus8 session will take a little over an hour. A local or topical anesthetic will be administered. Once it has taken effect, the Morpheus8 handheld device will be passed across the skin of the treatment area, delivering microneedling and radiofrequency energy. The number of passes and duration will vary depending on the client’s goals.

After Morpheus8 Treatment

Following the Morpheus8 treatment session, there will be minimal downtime/recovery time required. Clients are advised to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun’s damaging rays. Some redness and sensitivity can also be expected for around a week.

Clients should start seeing the effects of the treatment over time as new collagen protein forms in the skin tissues. As a result, the skin will become firmer and look refreshed.

How Much Does a Morpheus8 Treatment Cost?

The cost of Morpheus8 treatments is determined based on several factors. Price can be impacted by the number of target areas and the number of sessions required.

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Clients can find out more about Morpheus8 in Prosper when they reach out to Forever 30 MedSpa. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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Before & After Photos

Check out the gallery of before and after results from treatments performed by the Forever 30 MedSpa team in Prosper, Texas.

two pictures compare effect Before and After treatment. skin with problems of freckles , pore , dull skin and wrinkles before and after treatment to solve skin problem for better skin result
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two pictures compare effect Before and After treatment. skin with problems of freckles , pore , dull skin and wrinkles before and after treatment to solve skin problem for better skin result